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Prague - PPT

The metro system of Prague currently consists of three lines, 43 stations, and 588 vehicles that transport 531 million passengers a year. The first part of this system ope­ned in 1974 and had a length of 6.7 kilometres. Nowadays, the three lines have a total length of 43.6 kilometres which, with the exception of two small pieces within a bridge and viaduct construction, run completely underground. All stations are equipped with middle-levels. With the exception of two, all stations have island platforms. The length of these platforms is always 100 metres, which limits the vehicles to a maximum of five carriages. Most stations are equipped with elevators and escalators. The deepest station Namesti Miru is built on a depth of 53 metres and contains an escalator of 87 metres.

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Source: López, M.J.J., Crime Prevention Guidelines for the Construction & Management of Metro Systems, Den Haag: RCM-advies 1996, pg. 25-26.

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