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Amsterdam - GVB

Crime prevention measures
To deal with these public safety problems, the Metro Company of Amsterdam has decided to turn the tables and initiate crime prevention programs. These initiatives have already resulted in positive changes in the feelings of (un)safety among both passengers and metro personnel. When compared with the feelings of safety for the previous year, more metro passengers felt safer (35%) than less safe (21%) in 1994. Among the personnel, 17% felt safer and none of the respondents felt less safe. Most of the crime prevention measures taken since 1993 are directed towards the smartening up of the metro stations and expansion of the amount of formal control. All stations and trains are made and kept graffiti-free. Right now, plans are being developed to change the open accessibility of the system by introducing automated fare collection gates in combination with increased ticket inspections. This is to repel the level of fare evasion and discourage the presence of loitering junkies, vagrants, and drunks within the system. The new construction of the North-South Line will be based on the principles and guidelines presented in this book.

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Source: López, M.J.J., Crime Prevention Guidelines for the Construction & Management of Metro Systems, Den Haag: RCM-advies 1996, pg. 30-32.

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