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Singapore - MRT

The construction of the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) system of Singapore started in October 1983 and currently totals two metro lines, 42 stations, and a total route length of 67 kilometres. Most of the stations (26) and route (44.8 km) are above ground level, 1 station and 3.2 km of route is on ground level, and 15 stations and 19.0 km of route are underground. The 66 metro trains and 398 cars carry a total of 700,000 daily passengers, which makes it much less crowded than the metro system of Hong Kong. An extension of the existing system is currently under construction. The construction work for this Woodlands Extension commenced in 1993 and is expected to be completed in 1996. At the time of completion, an extra 16 kilometres of (predominantly overhead) track and 6 more stations will be added to the MRT system.

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Source: López, M.J.J., Crime Prevention Guidelines for the Construction & Management of Metro Systems, Den Haag: RCM-advies 1996, pg. 35-39.

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