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openbaar vervoer

The article 'Gathering Transit Crime Data' looks briefly at some of the types of data that operators and policing agencies should consider including when modifying their crime information systems. Specifically, if they are to maximize their ability to prevent crimes occurring, transit system operators need to code and retain detailed deseriptions of the types of crime incidents occurring on their systems
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The report 'Developing Transit-related crime and incident data' presents findings about current methods for collecting, analyzing, and using data on transit-related crime to make decisions on personnell deployment and allocation of security esources.
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Welke strategieën kunnen OV-bedrijven volgen om de sociale veiligheid in en om hun systeem te verbeteren? 'Improving Transit Security' geeft u het antwoord.
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Visibility and Vigilence: Metro's situational approach to preventing subway crime.
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Crime Prevention on the London Underground. This 1991 study by Home Office researchers Barry Webb and Gloria Laycock assesses the effectiveness of CCTV, passenger alarm points and staff visibility on London's Underground.
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Riding without fear. Hoe veilig voelen vrouwen en mannen zich in het openbaar vervoer? Een Zweedse visie op de aanpak van onveiligheidsgevoelens.
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